We Offer Highest Quality James Hardie Siding Installation Chicago, IL

There are several reasons so many people in Chicago choose James Hardie siding and Buzz Home Pros to do the siding installation.  

James Hardie siding is the preferred cement fiber siding of so many people for new and replacement siding installations because of its durability, extensive color palette, ROI and low cost maintenance.  Once you have it professionally installed by Buzz Home Pros you can literally relax and never worry about your siding for many years.

When it comes to James Hardie siding installation Chicago, the number one choice of customers in the area is Buzz Home Pros. We use only highly trained siding contractors who specialize in James Hardie siding installation. With Buzz Home Pros you get the quality installation you deserve from the first contact until the job is completed to our satisfaction. Expect the best and get it with Buzz Home Pros.

Hardie Siding Contractors Chicago, IL - Services

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01. James Hardie Board Siding Installation Chicago, IL

At Buzz Home Pros, our experience is here to help renew your home with the leader in fiber cement siding in Chicago. We use only the highest quality materials, like those offered by James Hardie, and our professionalism allows us to work efficiently as Hardie siding contractors in Chicago to give you the best quality for the price in the region. Plus, our Hardie board installation is always a clean job to give you the look you want without added interference to your routine.

02. James Hardie Siding Replacement Chicago, IL

There are times when you might prefer a Hardie Board siding replacement in Chicago to ensure a new, fresh curb appeal for your home. Or you might have found some breakage, peeling, or even decay that needs removal. Regardless of the reason, Buzz Home Pros is just a call away to offer expert help. As Hardie Board siding specialists in Chicago, our team can easily replace your existing exterior with trusted James Hardie Siding.

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Advantages of Hardie Board Siding Chicago, IL

Excellent durability

When you are looking for top materials, Hardie board siding Chicago is able to resist nature’s elements easily. Also, it will keep the aesthetics into account while at the same time providing excellent protection even with direct contact of the elements on a daily basis. Hardie siding Chicago is able to resist hail, speedy winds, rains, snow, harsh humidity, temperature changes, ice, and storms. It is able to withstand moisture and hence will save property owners with fewer repairs due to swelling, warping or rotting.

Widely tailored-made

There’s a wide variety of styles that can be made for James Hardie siding installation so you can customize according to your likings. You can even mix your home’s architecture with your personal taste with your choice of Hardie board siding Chicago, So you can create the appearance you always wanted with the color of your choice.


The material used on Hardie siding Chicago is Fiber cement which is not flammable. Compared to other materials like wood. Siding contractors like Buzz Home Pros know about what is best for your family and to increase protection of the constructions, and at the same time do their best to give peace of mind to customers in case of fire.

James Hardie Siding Chicago, IL - 4 Facts

James Hardie Siding is Chicago’s Eco-Friendly Solution

James Hardie Siding is Chicago’s Eco-Friendly Solution

Fiber cement is produced by combining sand, cement, and wood fiber, to create a uniquely durable finished siding in Chicago. But as well as being durable, this product is also environmentally friendly thanks to the wood fiber that comes from 100% recycled wood. No trees were destroyed to create your siding. 


James Hardie Siding is Perfect in Any Climate

James Hardie Siding is Perfect in Any Climate

There are some varieties of siding in Chicago that are only useful in certain weather conditions and they degrade faster in certain climates. But fiber cement is Chicago’s choice because it is so durable under all conditions as it expands and contracts only minimally to protect in all kinds of weather.
James Hardie Siding Chicago Comes in Many Color Options and Styles

James Hardie Siding Chicago Comes in Many Color Options and Styles

Fiber cement siding companies in Chicago produce a huge selection of colors and styles that will certainly allow you to match the look of your home. 
James Hardie Siding Doesn’t Rot

James Hardie Siding Doesn’t Rot

Because of its high cement content, a James Hardie siding installation in Chicago has no risk of developing rot.