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About Us - James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor

James Hardie is a name known for quality fiber cement siding Antioch with a well-earned reputation recognized by homeowners and siding contractors alike for producing appealing and durable products. At Buzz Home Pros, our reputation for being experienced and skilled Hardie Siding contractors Antioch brings you what James Hardie has to offer. We are widely trusted and recognized as reliable professional siding installers. That’s why our team was carefully selected to receive the prestigious industry designation of “James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor.” James Hardie siding is known for outstanding quality and as the finest siding available. You can benefit from James Hardie siding through:

  1. Moisture resistance that will not rot
  2. Fire-resistance that will not ignite
  3. Pest resistance

When you want to transform the exterior of your home, Buzz Home Pros has specialists for Hardie Siding installation in Antioch to provide top-quality, durable, and beautiful Hardie siding. We are here to give you the highest caliber of siding that looks amazing and lasts decades. Contact us for your free, no-obligation, estimate.

Our Services - James Hardie Siding Contractors Antioch, IL

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01. James Hardie Siding Installation Antioch, IL

To make a home that's safeguarded, sturdy, and has an alluring beauty, call our company, Buzz Home Pros - your go-to Hardie board siding installation buddy, carrying out every installation with competence and commitment in the industry. Installing fiber cement siding is our expertise, where we're in partnership with James Hardie, our components supplier - the industry's fiber-cement construction products world leader. Our Hardie siding contractors and installers practice organization and tidiness, ensuring that your remodeling won't interfere with your daily life activities. Call us now! Buzz Home Pros - Antioch got your back!

02. James Hardie Siding Replacement Antioch, IL

Siding is meant to last on your home with little to no maintenance, but it still has a limited lifespan. A Hardie board siding replacement may cross your mind if your exteriors break, scratch, peel, decay, age, become inadequate or are out of date. Whatever the situation, Buzz Home Pros' skilled Hardie Siding installers and contractors in Antioch are prepared to help and replace your old siding with high-quality James Hardie Siding!

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James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor - BUZZ Home Pros

Superior Finish Badge

This company has a lot of experience installing different James Hardie siding Antioch color profiles, so you can be sure of getting results that will endure.

100% Hardie Badge

They are the only manufacturer of trim worthy of being placed next to the most popular Hardie board siding Antioch brand in the country. Select a Hardie siding contractor Antioch that employs only HARDIE siding and trimmings if you want your home to maintain its attractiveness for as long as feasible.

Homeowner Recommended Badge

According to data from GuildQuality, the industry leader in independent research, this company has the highest percentage of homeowner referrals.

Years in Program Badge

Our customers appreciate dependability and consistency. This logo signifies the duration of this company's relationship with us.

Design Excellence Badge

This company has the experience and employs James Hardie certified installers Antioch for a number of James Hardie product profiles, offering you additional options for the design of your James Hardie house.

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FAQ - Hardie Board Siding Antioch, IL

What Exactly Does Fiber Cement Siding Consist Of?

Fiber cement siding Antioch, like that produced by James Hardie siding, is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose. To withstand the elements and survive for up to half a century, this remarkable mix is essential.

When You Get James Hardie Siding Installed, How Long Of A Guarantee Do You Get?

James Hardie siding Antioch comes with a 30-year guarantee that is fully covered if installed by a James Hardie Preferred Contractor.

How Hard Is It To Keep Up?

Siding made by James Hardie is low-maintenance. To remove grime, just spray it down with water from your garden hose and scrub with a soft to medium nylon brush. Do this just once or twice a year, at most!

How Does James Hardie's Cost Compare To That Of Other Siding Options?

Compared to other common siding materials, such as vinyl and brick, Planks of Hardie siding installation Antioch are more costly. However, compared to other composite and stucco siding, it is more affordable.